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What we see at first glance is not always the same as what we somehow know underneath. What lies(?) just beneath the images presented to us that inform our reality?

A series of unfortunate events have given me time to step away from the race with my fellow rats and take a look at things from a different perspective. For the first time in my life I was no longer part of the “system” that had trained me to see things just like everyone else.

What I found was so astonishing to my formerly-programmed mind that I began to think I just might have lost it. In my attempt to make some sense of it all, I started to write. And I didn’t stop until I finished a whole book.

Words form the basis of our communication about the reality we experience together. By taking them apart I found that they imaged-in a “world” that may not be the whole story. Who wrote the “script” I had been told to follow?

How can we even communicate with each other about a different way to see the world using the same language that has trapped us within its framework? Perhaps through the use of a fairy tale. Since the beginning of time myths have been able to communicate things that are impossible to explain with words, like life itself and what its really all about.

Follow me and suspend your overused mind for a bit, and feel your way with me out of the word-trap. (Hint: you have to step out of the “stream of commerce” to see that you might just be all wet and not even know it).

The book is done and I am deciding how best to introduce it to a world that won’t believe it anyway. My working title was, “How to Wake a Sleeping Princess” but now I know she is simply “INEXPLICABLE”!

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