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Now that we have all had our time to individually “freak out” and try to adjust to the new reality that we are living through, many are asking what happens next?

It’s obvious that the way we had been conducting the business of being human beings together on this planet has come to a screeching halt.

Many people cannot wait to just get back to “normal” and resume the consumerism and fast-paced, self-centered world that we just left. But now that we have had a second to take a breath, maybe we can think of a better way to move forward together.

If we stop complaining about our individual inconveniences caused by this pause in our fast-paced lives of more and faster consumption of everything we can get our hands and minds into, we might notice that the natural world, of which we are all a part of, is enjoying this break.

The air we breathe is cleaner and our parks, lakes, and rivers are teeming with new life. We are spending more time re-connecting with those we love and showing compassion for people we would never have thought about a few months ago.

Our minds don’t like this change in our reality, but our hearts may be telling us something different – we just need to listen. This might just be one of the gentlest of ways our planet can warn us to change the way we were living together. There are many far worse things that could disrupt our lives than Covid-19.

What Covid-19 has shown us is that we are all equally vulnerable as human beings. Covid-19 does not discriminate against wealth, status, political party, or country. Right now there is only the whole world to consider. Slogans like “we are all in this together” have become popular. Do we actually believe it?

Are we going to revert to the divisive, reactive politics of separation, believing that we can blame someone else or another group for the way this has all turned out?

Each of us now has the freedom to imagine a new way forward, using our hearts instead of our heads. I almost want to scream to get everyone’s attention and say, “Wake Up”! This has happened for a blessed reason. The world is getting a second chance.

  • Can we learn from this experience that we are each truly One with All Life?
  • Can we learn to fully respect All people living on the planet together at this time?
  • Can we learn to communicate with love and compassion instead of blame and separation?
  • Can we see a way to better allocate our resources of creativity and industry, and create a new way of working together for the benefit of everyone, not just the rich and powerful?

Before we rush back to implement the faster version of our old world through 5G, why not take this interruption for the gift that it is? Let’s move forward to implement a “new normal” that we would All love to embrace.

If it was ever possible, Now is that time. No one person has the answer to what our future will look like.

But each of us, equally, has the freedom to help make it different (and better) than it was.