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One Thanksgiving, David wrote to me:

“I am grateful for the laws of the universe.

Gravitation. Magnetism, electricity and time all held constant by the speed of light,

3 hundred thousand kilometers per second.

The C in E= MC squared.

Celestial bodies held invisibly in the vast firmament of nothingness with predictable economy in the fabric of space/time which envelops all of us during our voyage across the heavens.

Time flows forward for us,

perhaps back or sideways somewhere else.

Beyond reasoning,

if we go fast enough our bodies seem to shrink in some Lorenzian contraction

while paradoxically our lives lengthen to those who observe us while relatively stationary.

Time, gravitation, magnetism, electricity.

Forces of the universe,

here as well as there

which have consented to bring us together,

to travel across the heavens,

leaving only a ripple reflected from our souls.

For this I give thanks.    xox”

His thoughts and words I use to remember the feeling, when we were still here together, in this house, on this plane of existence, at the same time and place.

When I raise my vision by feeling him, we are together, right now, between worlds.

When I can feel the love, instead of the absence, I know he is here.

Separation is the lie.

Between this world and the next is simply a veil imposed by our physical senses.  

The truth of it all lives in my heart, in my bones, in the memory of my cells.

It is up to me what world I want to live in.

I can be with David anytime I want.

My heart knows the way back to him.

I create my own reality out of what I believe.

And I believe we are together tonight, as I use his words to remind me of how little I really know about what is going on.  

He is over my shoulder as I write, reminding me that he would never lie to me. He said he would never leave my side. And he hasn’t. I feel his energy tap the keys with me.

Open wide my mind to the expansiveness of it all.

Death is not what we have been told. Its just part of the game we agreed to play.