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We had just met.  I had planned a trip to Europe with my brother and now I didn’t want to leave. What we had found together was beyond anything either of us could comprehend in such a short time. Our lives had unalterably changed the moment we recognized each other as strangers in a hospital room.
Writing to each other every day, trying to believe in the possibility of this love being real, he said:

“I know full well that your heart rests in my hands.
Such a delicate and beautiful organ, a repository of your love, honour, and virtue.I would not be able to hold such a magnificent treasure unless it did lie so close to the surface that it could be touched by all you come into contact with. What vagaries of life may trouble your path I cannot predict, but know this: I will never drop your heart. I would rather drop my own. xox DMJ

…who is grateful for each moment with you, no matter how fleeting. Have a wonderful trip. Don’t look back, gaze forward bravely at what new adventures come your way. I wish I could be with you, but trust your brother to keep you safe, and to bring you back to me. semper fidelisD.”  October 2003

I am back to traveling with my brother once more, as I write this Postcard to my lover in heaven.

Thank you for my traveling instructions. I wish every trip could be with you still, as it was such a thrill every time I took your arm. So excited that fortune had found us in each other’s embrace. We raced with time and took our favor while we had it. Remember the first time you took my to the Met? I had bought a long red dress. And, after a skate at Rockefeller Center, after the bath to warm-us-up, you painted my toenails red? I knew right then, I loved the Opera. I was finally in the care of a lover who knew how to make dreams come true with me. 

I must now admit to faltering steps. And glances behind at our love-song together. But I promise to gaze forward at new adventures on the wing. I’m keeping my heart close to the surface, so you will know it when we meet again.       xox LLM  May, 2021