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Your journey will be as sacred or profane as you proclaim it.

You will know yourself as glorious or gruesome as you declare.


I’m just passing through. One of many galaxies to play upon.

And I feel the extreme pain here.

It is a short trip through this illusion.

Reflections take in only a part of me as I pass by.

Only the part that catches their perception.

Are we even conscious of the energetic effects we have upon each other?

Every encounter is sacred.

Limited perception is the trap.

Was it the sparkle in her eye?

Was it a flash of brilliance we can’t permit through the doors of our five senses?

Conditioned to be afraid of our own passions, we don’t admit our hunger.

We collectively ache to touch something real again.

After I have passed something deep might be called out in them.

If they remain afraid to look, they will miss the chance.

We are all the same.

This is all alive. A life. All Life.

Density of language reduces the connection to our sacred Truth.

It is all beautiful when fully revealed.

When reveled-in.

Eaten-up. Devoured.

without guilt or shame for the ecstasy

We can even learn to relish the pain as a pause to regain our balance

Time is transit here. I am only passing through.

Space is not empty.

My archetypal force allows only Truth and reality.

It is my assignment for this trip.

Masks must fall.

I am an emergent energy to be reckoned with.

My time has come.

Superficial talk and temporary labels that we hang on our shell will no longer suffice. It is time to claim your majestic essence and join me before I disappear.

                *            *            *            *            *          

This place feels eerily familiar. I can’t grab the wind.

I am searching for a Truth that is beyond my mind to fathom.

Allegory is as close as we get with words.

Each fractal describes only a part. And apart hurts.

I want to be whole all the time and my mind traps me again and again into thinking.

Thinking that the Truth will reveal itself in my mind.

While my heart cries out for the mirror to see its reflection this world of illusion.