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I stand before you now
fearful and broken in half.
It feels like I have lost myself.

But it is my turn to tell you a beautiful story.
One that I hope will touch your heart and help me heal.

We danced together.
We took off our masks.
We remembered who we were.

And became who we were meant to be.

He reminded me that I was wearing my ruby slippers all the time.
That I am always home.
Always cherished.
Adored. Love looked at me through David’s eyes.

Love danced me around the earth in his arms.
Love held me in David’s touch.
Love played with me and made me smile through our creative games.
Love touched me through David in the most perfect way.

And I will never be the same.

No one nor nothing can take away what I know now.
I have to surrender to this present moment as it is.
I have to let go of everything I thought I needed from him for me to be okay.
If I can let go,

I will fall into the loving arms of my Eternal Lover.

Each time I can stop clutching to what no longer sits in front of my eyes,
I can remember the eternity of the love that we created.
Because of the Love that was real, here on earth, between me and David,

I can be conscious of it in everything I see.
Because it will always be,
as it always was.
I just needed David to help me find it.
To remind me.

We are each of us a temporary expression of the Love of the Universe.
We are not separate waves that will crash and never be again.
We are all part of the vast ocean that we can always fall back into,
and it is warm and inviting.

I pray that we can find rest
in the One Truth
That we are made from and for Love,
beyond our need to understand.
And on the far side of our fear
of falling, alone

We can learn to live without desiring
Something else than what Is
And then we can begin to love
Without needing to know why.