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Talks & Consultations


Conversations About Legal and Financial Planning for Longevity
For Community Groups, Caregivers and Families
Comprehensive Advice for Age-Related Planning

Interactive discussions and accessible seminars for those looking to cut through the misinformation and confusion regarding long-term care options. Includes answers to questions that keep people up at night. By taking apart some long-standing myths about wills and estate planning, and discussing financial and social ramifications of long-term care, this talk is intended to encourage and motivate individuals to plan for the last third of their life.

Have you received conflicting advice from various advisors and therefore done nothing? If so, this talk is for you.

For Professionals
Longevity Planning for Your Aging Client Population

Ideal for financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, healthcare providers, and social workers, these meetings provide updated legal and financial strategies for preserving assets as well as information on how to qualify clients for new government home-care programs. Talks will be tailored for each audience to provide them with the most relevant and important information.

Laurie is the only advocate who helps people create comprehensive plans that address each of the foundations that make life healthy and happy as we age. Information and planning are currently located in separate silos based with each advisor. Longevity Plans are designed to include all information together so that the aging individual and their family can get on the same page and carry out the wishes of their loved one.


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Laurie Will Work with You, Your Family, and Your Advisors to Create Your Longevity Plan
For Individuals and Families
One-on-One Longevity Review and Consultation

Laurie will meet with you and any members of your family or trusted advisors. You’ll receive a questionnaire prior to your meeting so that Laurie can get started and come into your first consultation with actionable items. Laurie will provide a Longevity Review that will assess your needs and wishes and determine the right steps for your Longevity Plan. This consultation is for those who are serious about getting the right information and moving on it.


For Financial Planners, CPAs and Attorneys
Advising the Advisors on Your Clients’ Plans

Laurie can meet with you and your client to add the information you need to be their trusted advisor for their Longevity Plan wishes. Longevity Planning should be part of every financial planner, CPA and attorney’s considerations regarding their clients’ eldercare wishes. This consultation provides all the necessary information and recommendations so that clients can get the best advisement under one roof. With Laurie, you don’t have to be the expert.


“I attended Laurie’s Elderhood class while at my 50th class reunion at UB in 2016. We’ve been researching ever since and have just put a down payment on a continuing care community expansion in Greenville, SC. Our new (independent living apartment) home will be ready in 2020, giving us time to plan and downsize (again) to simplify our lives and start the next phase of our lives together. I could never thank Laurie enough for the spark that made this all possible.”

– Pat & Linda Morgan